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The Editors: Why Believe the President? | Commonweal Magazine

A man who routinely lies when nothing is at stake can be counted on to lie when everything is. If Trump’s campaign did collaborate with Russia’s interference in the presidential election, that would be an impeachable offense, as well as a criminal one. In that case, Trump would be in no hurry to come clean. The only way to find out what really happened is to let our intelligence agencies continue their investigations without interference from the White House. Once they’ve finished their work, they should report their findings not only to the House and Senate intelligence committees—whose Republican chairmen have already been enlisted by the Trump administration to do damage control—but also to an independent commission made up of nonpartisan experts rather than elected officials.

Russia: Trump & His Team’s Ties | Congressman Eric Swalwell

Why is America’s leader and his team so close to Russia? This is either due to poor judgement or a deeper personal, financial, or political link between President Trump and Russia. It is not normal for the leader of our country to be so extensively tied to a foreign government that has sought to undermine democracies across the globe, and connections like these should be concerning to American citizens everywhere.

Is Reince Priebus Lying About the FBI? James Comey needs to clear a few things up.

It’s one thing for the FBI to withhold comment on the substance of an ongoing investigation. It’s another thing to lie low as the White House politicizes the bureau by misrepresenting what its leaders said or authorized in private. Comey and McCabe don’t need to investigate whether they gave Priebus the carte blanche he claims. They know. They just need to tell us.