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This is what it’s like answering all those phone calls to Congress – The Washington Post

Contrary to popular belief, politics isn’t about power but about connection. Each time a constituent calls and shares their story, my colleagues and I become a part of that story. In many cases, their concerns are our concerns. Their calls remind us of the posts our friends make on Facebook and the conversations across the dinner table with our families. For me, that shared candor provides warmth in a world that too many people find cold and lonely since the election.

For a Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill in the age of Trump, the struggle for justice can feel disheartening, if not demoralizing. But with every phone call from a concerned constituent, every tweet in support of our shared resistance, every protest sign held by someone who demands dignity for all, I feel a renewed confidence in the resilience of our democracy. Their activism gives me hope. Their resolve gives me strength. And hopefully, hearing a live voice on the other end of the phone rather than a voice-mail message does a little of the same for them.

Should healthy people have to pay for chronic illnesses? – The Washington Post

Democrats and Republicans agree that we should do everything we can to reduce the prevalence of chronic illness. But beyond that, financing health care involves difficult choices. The problem with the AHCA is that by pretending everyone can have everything, it avoids the need to grapple with persistently high costs. As any therapist can attest, avoiding trade-offs does not make them go away.

In the end, that evasion is what the CBO exposed, estimating that 24 million people would lose coverage under the GOP replacement plan in the next 10 years and millions more would face higher costs. The failure to address the persistently ill — a moral and economic failure — is the reason no amount of tinkering, regulation or subsequent legislation will ever fix what is wrong with Ryan’s plan.

Could your company force you to share genetic information? – CNN.com

(CNN)While Republicans are pushing to drop the requirement of Obamacare that compels Americans to get insurance, another move in a separate bill could compel employees to participate in workplace wellness programs that collect their and their families’ health and genetic data.

The controversial bill is called the Preserving Employee Wellness Program Act, introduced in the House on March 2 by Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-North Carolina.
The bill would allow employers to penalize employees if they don’t join workplace wellness programs that collect this kind of data.

If we keep treating health insurance as a product, nothing will change

Here is the reality: We do not decide when we get sick. When we get sick, we cannot just shop around for the hospital and doctor that will provide the best price to treat a disease we do not yet know we have. Sickness does not know our socioeconomic condition, so having a ‘choice’ to purchase a plan we can afford means we get wealth-based health care.

Health insurance is not a product. Selling it that way is immoral, un-American, and downright evil.