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Should healthy people have to pay for chronic illnesses? – The Washington Post

Democrats and Republicans agree that we should do everything we can to reduce the prevalence of chronic illness. But beyond that, financing health care involves difficult choices. The problem with the AHCA is that by pretending everyone can have everything, it avoids the need to grapple with persistently high costs. As any therapist can attest, avoiding trade-offs does not make them go away.

In the end, that evasion is what the CBO exposed, estimating that 24 million people would lose coverage under the GOP replacement plan in the next 10 years and millions more would face higher costs. The failure to address the persistently ill — a moral and economic failure — is the reason no amount of tinkering, regulation or subsequent legislation will ever fix what is wrong with Ryan’s plan.

How James Inhofe is upending the nation’s energy and environmental policies – The Washington Post

For more than a decade, Sen. James M. Inhofe has raged against the scientific consensus that humans are fueling climate change, calling it “the greatest hoax” ever perpetrated on Americans. The Oklahoma Republican has blasted the Environmental Protection Agency as an “activist organization” that has unfairly burdened everyone from farmers to fossil-fuel companies.

Now the man critics once dismissed as a political outlier has an unprecedented opportunity to shape the nation’s energy and ­environmental policies. And he has helped populate the upper ranks of the agency he has derided with several of his closest confidants.

At least half a dozen former aides to Inhofe — and counting — have been hired into top positions at the EPA and the White House. The chief of staff and deputy chief of staff to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, a fellow Oklahoman and longtime friend of Inhofe, spent years working for the senator. Pruitt’s senior advisers on air, climate and legal issues are Inhofe alumni. In addition, two former Inhofe aides have become top domestic and international energy and environmental advisers to President Trump.