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Could your company force you to share genetic information? – CNN.com

(CNN)While Republicans are pushing to drop the requirement of Obamacare that compels Americans to get insurance, another move in a separate bill could compel employees to participate in workplace wellness programs that collect their and their families’ health and genetic data.

The controversial bill is called the Preserving Employee Wellness Program Act, introduced in the House on March 2 by Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-North Carolina.
The bill would allow employers to penalize employees if they don’t join workplace wellness programs that collect this kind of data.

Reading James Baldwin on a segregated Southern construction site.

by Walter Dellinger
“Baldwin reached a snap judgment that resonated with me. “The Southern landscape — the trees, the silence, the liquid heat,” he wrote, “seems destined for violence.” After all, “what passions cannot be unleashed on a dark road in a Southern night!” A nation that averts its eyes from the hell of subjugation — and what subjugation does both to the oppressor and to the oppressed — is one that will never truly understand race.

Reading Baldwin made me see white men, including myself, differently as well. What price were we paying for the inhumanity of the system of which we were a part? Baldwin led me to understand how much of the “race problem” was a white problem. As Chris Rock would later put it, our national problem is not about “race relations.” It is about the fact that “white people were crazy. Now they’re not as crazy.”