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Democrats Introduce ‘Mar-A-Lago Act’ To Make Trump Meetings More Transparent | The Huffington Post

Senate and House Democrats on Friday introduced the “Mar-a-Lago Act,” which would require President Donald Trump to provide visitor logs detailing who spends time with him at the golf resort referred to as his “winter White House.”

The bill — awkwardly named the Make Access Records Available to Lead American Government Open Act and referred to by the acronym MAR-A-LAGO — would require that the Trump administration publish visitor logs from the White House and any other place where the president “regularly conducts official business.”

Republicans Are Legislating Like There’s No Tomorrow – In These Times

Conservatives often claim to favor limited government and “freedom,” but that isn’t quite right. In truth, they favor a government that enriches the corporations and people who already have the wealth and power. They have little concern for the long term and no vision of a common good. There is only the blind pursuit of short-term gain. Legislating is about serving and protecting the winners of the game; the future be damned. That’s the evidence of Trump’s agenda so far, and it’s the message sent, clearly and powerfully, by the GOP’s healthcare bill.

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