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Tons of Washington Republicans hate Trump, but none have the courage to stand up to him.

For now, however, the conservative resistance is a tiny club. Republican politicians have an opportunity to do something heroic at a dire moment in American history, but they don’t appear to be remotely tempted to seize it. “I wish more than anyone that there would be more courage demonstrated by Republican members of Congress in speaking out against what I think they know is wrong,” says Bardella. “But they lack the fortitude to do so.”

Trump is on a rampage to endanger the planet. Now it’s up to us to save it. – The Washington Post

“Since taking office, Trump has taken steps to eliminate limits on carbon pollution and increase America’s dependence on foreign oil, including by moving to weaken vehicle efficiency standards and import more Canadian tar-sands crude oil . His proposed budget decimates scientific research, he selected an Environmental Protection Agency administrator who denies climate science, and he has just signed a broad executive order that will dismantle environmental protections and cost taxpayers more than $40 billion. Compounding these outrages, he has directed the government to implement an accounting system that would exaggerate the benefits and discount the costs of his actions.

Winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes was not enough for Hillary Clinton to win the White House, but those votes nonetheless reflect the voices of a majority of Americans. Public-opinion research consistently finds that most Americans believe climate change is a major problem and support steps to cut carbon pollution.

As Americans, we need to do all we can to stop the Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress from implementing the most anti-environmental agenda in decades. The engagement and direct action being taken by individuals in every community in every state is nothing short of inspiring. Resistance works.”

In the great robot job takeover, women are less likely to suffer than men, a PricewaterhouseCoopers study suggests — Quartz

The robot apocalypse is almost here and machines are coming for our jobs. But women might have a bit longer until they feel the impact.
About 30% of jobs in the UK—over 10 million workers— are at risk of being replaced by automation as artificial intelligence progresses over the next 15 years, according to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. But the report estimates that about 35% of occupations typically held by men are at high risk from automation, against about 26% of jobs held by women.
Fields such as manufacturing and transport, which require a lower level of education and social skills and are most susceptible to automation, tend to be dominated by men. Meanwhile, education, health, and social care—jobs dominated by women—are considered the hardest to automate.

Climate Catastrophe Will Hit Tropics Around 2020, Rest Of World Around 2047, Study Says | The Huffington Post

“A previous article I wrote reports further on this problem of greater danger for the equatorial countries. Another reports on a study in Science showing that there is already too much carbon in the atmosphere for life as we have known it to be able to continue on much longer, and that, consequently, there will be sharp increases in human conflict (crimes, wars, etc.) resulting from this carbon build-up in the atmosphere. Another reports on a study in PNAS explaining that though the near-term predictions about the effects of this atmospheric carbon build-up contain far less certainty than do the long-term predictions, there is essentially no question that two thousand years from now, life on this planet will be hellish for everyone, even if the near-term consequences of the atmosphere’s existing carbon overload are far less certain. None of this is science fiction; all of it is science fact, though the Koch brothers and their friends do everything they possibly can to deceive the masses that it’s not true and that the conspiracy to deceive the public is to be found amongst the 97+% of climate scientists who say that global warming is happening and that its chief cause is human atmospheric carbon emissions. Though the numbers of the Kochs suckers might be declining, it’s already too late; the Kochs were successful for far too long to avert disaster now. From now on, efforts to reduce climate-change will be efforts to reduce the extent of the catastrophe, not to prevent the catastrophe.”

US government sued over ‘suspicionless’ device searches by customs officials | Law | The Guardian

Escalating concerns about US customs officials demanding access to travelers’ cellphones, tablets and laptops have prompted a leading free speech watchdog to take the government to court, to disclose its rules for digital privacy at the border.

The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University filed a freedom of information lawsuit on Monday, seeking to obtain the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) rules for “suspicionless” searches of mobile devices from US citizens and non-citizens alike.

The lawsuit seeks internal DHS directives for compelling travelers to surrender their devices; data establishing the frequency with which Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) officials conduct them; procedures for what CBP and Ice do with the information stored on those devices, particularly when the devices belong to first amendment-protected professionals such as journalists; and any privacy or anti-discrimination assessment DHS has performed to audit its policies.

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Rural Poverty – In These Times

Media representations of Black poverty typically spotlight the segregated inner cities of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore. But less than half of the African-American population in the United States resides in cities. Suburbs and exurbs are home to 43 percent of black Americans, while 14 percent live in rural areas. That 14 percent has a poverty rate of approximately 34 percent—twice as high as that of rural whites. Nationwide, African Americans have a 24 percent poverty rate, while whites have a 12 percent poverty rate. Similarly, metropolitan blacks have a 25 percent poverty rate and metro whites 12 percent.

Likewise, recent publicity given to rural poverty in the United States has been limited to a discussion of white Trump supporters. Judging from these accounts, one might imagine rural America as a sea of unbroken white. In fact, Black people (who overwhelmingly vote Democratic) make up nearly 20 percent of the rural poor.