Tons of Washington Republicans hate Trump, but none have the courage to stand up to him.

Many in Washington are shocked and appalled by Donald Trump’s presidency, but none have the courage to say so.

By Michelle Goldberg

Before Trump’s election, I thought I had a low opinion of Republican members of Congress. Yet it turns out I had much more faith in them than I realized, because I’ve been stupefied by their passivity in the face of Trump’s corruption and incompetence. Sure, Republicans are eager for massive tax cuts, the end of Roe v. Wade, and the opportunity to exploit natural resources without oversight from environmental regulators. But I’d assumed that they also valued America’s putative leadership in world affairs, and I couldn’t imagine that they’d accept even the possibility of Vladimir Putin manipulating our democracy. Shouldn’t we be able to count on jingoist pride from politicians who’ve spent decades beating their chests about patriotism? As cliché as it sounds, I have continually wondered through the first two months of this administration: Have they no shame?

Talking to Republican Trump critics, however, the question seems naïve. “The fact of the matter is when they’re confronted with criminal malfeasance, and things that at the very minimum border on collusion with the enemy, they’re not going to do shit,” Wilson says of Republicans in Congress. “Donald Trump could murder a child on the White House lawn and eat him raw and those pussies in Congress will never do a thing.”



For now, however, the conservative resistance is a tiny club. Republican politicians have an opportunity to do something heroic at a dire moment in American history, but they don’t appear to be remotely tempted to seize it. “I wish more than anyone that there would be more courage demonstrated by Republican members of Congress in speaking out against what I think they know is wrong,” says Bardella. “But they lack the fortitude to do so.”

Read entire article at Slate: Tons of Washington Republicans hate Trump, but none have the courage to stand up to him.

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