Kentucky Gov. Signs Law Greenlighting Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students | Common Dreams

Essentially codifying hate speech, Kentucky Governor Mike Bevin signed into law on Monday a bill that gives individuals, including students, license to make hateful statements about someone based on their “religious or political viewpoints.”

Passed under the guise of bolstering “religious freedom in public schools,” SB17 claims to “protect rights of individual students to express their religious views without fear of punishment,” as the conservative Liberty Counsel wrote in a statement hailing the move.

But, in reality, the law “protects students who espouse homophobic religious viewpoints in school,” as UK-based LGBTQ website Pink News put it on Monday. Further, it “is overtly designed to allow the use of the Bible in classrooms as an educational text—such as in literature or history courses,” noted Salon columnist Nico Lang.

What’s more, the law undermines the inclusive “all comers” policies at public colleges, universities, and high schools, which prevent student organizations receiving financial and other support from the institution from discriminating against students based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. That policy was upheld by the 2010 Supreme Court decision Christian Legal Society v. Martinez.

“Gov. Bevin’s shameful decision to sign this discriminatory bill into law jeopardizes non-discrimination policies at public high schools, colleges, and universities,” said Human Rights Council legal director Sarah Warbelow in a statement Monday. “No student should fear being excluded from a school club or participating in a school activity because they are LGBTQ. While of course private groups should have the freedom to express religious viewpoints, they should not be able to unfairly discriminate with taxpayer funds.”

Source: Kentucky Gov. Signs Law Greenlighting Discrimination Against LGBTQ Students | Common Dreams

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