Here’s Why Trump’s Evangelical “Army Of God” Should Matter To The DNC | The Huffington Post

Arguably, one of the most important questions for the DNC to answer is why 81 percent of white, born-again evangelical Christians voted for Trump. It is not a sufficient answer to write them all off as racists, or byproducts of white privilege lacking in empathy. Compare this figure with the fact that only 24 percent of Jews, the vast majority of whom would be considered “white” in America today, voted for Trump, compared to 71 percent for Hillary, and such arguments hold little water.All of these facts suggest a more endemic issue within the Democratic Party — or among white evangelicals. More importantly, Democrats cannot ignore this Republican stronghold, which has given rise to George W. Bush, and now Trump. Indeed, whom may we see arise next from that end of the political spectrum?Liberals may laugh at the trove of hilarious skits and memes about Trump. However, Democrats and, indeed, the DNC need to take some time away from the “choir” to examine what is happening in the “Cult of Trump.” It is eye opening — and shocking — because their “converts” are akin to religious converts in this evangelical “Army of God.”To be sure, it would be patently false to claim that Trump has the support of all evangelicals. But overwhelmingly clear in the last election was the direct correlation between attendance at religious services and support of Trump vis-à-vis Clinton. The more people attended religious services is the more they backed Trump — by a whopping 31-point margin (62 percent to 31 percent).

Source: Here’s Why Trump’s Evangelical “Army Of God” Should Matter To The DNC | The Huffington Post

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