Affordable Care Act

Anthem says it supports parts of Trumpcare.

The question is whether Anthem really supports the whole Republican plan, or just really likes a few key parts. Swedish writes that, “The American Health Care Act addresses the challenges immediately facing the Individual market and will ensure more affordable health plan choices for consumers in the short term,” then name-checks a few “critically important” provisions. Namely:

  • “Establishment of the Patient and State Stability Fund” (This would compensate insurers that lose a ton of money on sick patients.)
  • “Repeal of the ACA’s health insurance tax” (Health insurers don’t want to be taxed.)
  • “Continuation of the Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) subsidies” (This is complicated, but these federal payments to insurers are basically essential to making Obamacare work, and some have worried Trump would cut them off.)
  • “Allowing the use of tax credits for ‘off exchange’ health plans.” (That would make it easier for insurers to sell whatever the heck they want.)

In short, health insurer Anthem is very much in favor of the provisions that would be obviously beneficial to the health insurance industry. “These provisions are essential and must be finalized quickly,” Swedish writes.

Source: Anthem says it supports parts of Trumpcare.

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