Two transgender women were killed in New Orleans in 48 hours

original post CNN  

Updated 5:58 AM ET, Thu March 2, 2017

New Orleans’ transgender community is on edge after two transgender women were murdered within 48 hours of each other.

Chyna Gibson was gunned down Saturday night, while the second woman was found with multiple stab wounds Monday morning, CNN affiliate WDSU reported.
No arrests have yet been made in the cases, which police say appear to be unrelated, but transgender activist Daphanie Dupree told WDSU the situation was scary.
“It’s scary because like a lot of the girls in New Orleans, they’re walking around like zombies, you know they have this little hidden fear that’s inside them to even go anywhere and I hear a lot of them talking about like ‘oh, I’m going to carry a gun,” Dupree said.
“It’s very heartbreaking and it’s scary because it’s too close to home, I mean it could happen to any of us but I’m like — we hang in the same circles, we hang in the same area just like it happened to them it could happen to me.”

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