Environmental Protection Agency

White House To Propose Massive Cuts To EPA Budget

By Alexander C. Kaufman, read full article at Huffington Post

President Donald Trump reportedly wants to reduce the agency’s funding by 24 percent.

President Donald Trump is expected to propose deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget as part of an effort to redirect federal spending toward a military buildup.

The move could diminish the EPA budget as much as 24 percent, according to a report by E&E News, the environmental and energy news service that has cranked out a steady stream of scoops on the new administration.

The cuts should come as no surprise. Trump has assembled the most openly polluter-friendly Cabinet in recent history, putting climate science skeptics and fossil fuel executives in key posts with environmental powers. He named Myron Ebell, a once-fringe conspiracy theorist who shares the president’s view that global warming is a hoax, to lead the EPA transition team. He also nominated Scott Pruitt, a former Oklahoma attorney general who sued the EPA 13 times and has deep ties to oil and gas companies, as EPA administrator. Pruitt was narrowly confirmed by the Senate this month.

On Saturday, Pruitt said that proposals to abolish the EPA were “justified” because of the agency’s actions under the Obama administration.

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