Florida Sen. Perry proposes extra check on federal courts. He’s asking Congress to amend the U.S. Constitution

A bill introduced by Florida Sen. Keith Perry on Tuesday proposes a new check on federal courts.

Perry’s memorial bill, SM 1106, would suggest to U.S. Congress a new constitutional amendment allowing Congress to void U.S. Supreme Court and federal courts of appeals decisions with a 60-percent majority. Perry, who lives in Gainesville, is a Republican senator who represents the newly formed District 8, which includes Alachua County, Putnam County and parts of Marion County.

Perry said his proposal would provide an additional check on the U.S. judicial branch. The bill states that judges include their own political leanings in the decisions they make.

“The judicial branch of the federal government has taken on an increasingly activist role aimed at molding legislation according to the political beliefs of its members,” the bill reads.

Three-fourths of states must ratify Perry’s amendment for it to pass.

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