Pruitt Ignored Cries to Regulate Fracking in Okla. Now Residents Face Big Oil on Their Own

 The Senate just confirmed Scott Pruitt to run the EPA. But as residents reported major damage from fracking-related earthquakes, the then-attorney general closed his office’s environmental enforcement unit.

Andrew Knife Chief is the executive director of the Pawnee Nation, which took a beating from a 5.8 magnitude tremor that caused $250,000 in damages to Pawnee Nation government buildings in September. This does not include additional damage to Pawnee homes.

“The state of Oklahoma has vehemently denied the link between modern drilling techniques and earthquakes,” Knife Chief said. “These guys are beholden to the energy companies. The energy companies provide a lot of jobs for the state of Oklahoma; however, there comes a point when common sense and reason should outweigh your efforts to delude the public.”

That common sense never reached Pruitt, a self-described “leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda” who closed the environmental enforcement unit in his office and established a legal team to challenge federal agencies, according to EPA sources. He has sued the EPA 14 times to challenge environmental regulations. He even reprinted industry arguments under his agency letterhead and forwarded them to the EPA.

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